Thursday, December 2, 2010

Russian ePals

Map of the federal subjects of the Russian Fed...
Here's the most recent message from teacher Raisiya Vasilenko in Russia.

I will work on sending your photos from the school's photos -- if that's OK with all of you.

Meanwhile, please describe CIHS, and send some questions about Russia (talk to Grade 10 Ivan about these) to the students in those two classes. send to:

Please also send copies of your messages to me at

Mr. Neu

---------- Forwarded Message -------------

Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2010 07:07:02 +0000

From: "Raisiya Vasilenko"

To: "peter neu"

Subject: Re: project
>Hi, Peter!
>The project will be done as a classroom project with my pupils of the 10th, 11th forms. My pupils would like to know more about your school and pupils. They say it will be more interesting to answer your students' questions. If it is possible send us photos.

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