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hong kong from ferry

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ePals question about habitat

"We are looking to collaborate with classrooms located in/near that rain forest, ocean or desert.  We would also love to collaborate or communicate with classrooms in Australia and/or the Polar Regions."

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Hi! I live in Spain, Soria, a small town in Castilla y León. In this city, the winter is very cold. My first language is Spanish and my religion is Catholic.


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3 Gorges Dam

3 Gorges Dam <-- click here for photo

The Yangzi River is home to some of China's most spectacular natural scenery, a  series of canyons known as the Three Gorges The River is the longest and most important river in China. It is also the world's third longest river. Only the Nile River of Egypt and the Amazon River of South America are longer.  This river flows through China for 3,900 miles (6,275 kilometers). It begins in the Tanggula Mountains and runs through south-central China to the East China Sea. The river has many twists and turns, so it flows in different directions as it crosses the country. Small boats carry people and products. Large ships from the ocean also travel up part of the river. Thousands of Chinese people live on the Yangtze in boats called junks. The Three Gorges Dam (youtube video link), on the Yangtze, is the world's largest dam. CNN article: Three Gorges Dam from CNN

Click here to read the Social Studies assignment article and questions on the 3 Gorges Hydroelectric Project

Questions about the 3 Gorges Dam Project:
  1. When was the idea of the dam first proposed?
  2. When will Three Gorges Dam be completed?
  3. What national problems do Chinese officials hope Three Gorges Dam will solve?
  4. How do critics think the dam will harm the environment? 
  5. What is special and different about the sites that will be flooded by the dam's reservoir?

3 Gorges Dam by adrianosmond
3 Gorges Dam, a photo by adrianosmond on Flickr.

3 gorges dam construction by ..Yardley..
3 gorges dam construction, a photo by ..Yardley.. on Flickr.

Qutang Gorge by Chiva Congelado
Qutang Gorge, a photo by Chiva Congelado on Flickr. 

Wu Gorge by Chiva Congelado
Wu Gorge, a photo by Chiva Congelado on Flickr.

The old water line on the river - you can see how much lower the water level is with the dam operating. What does this mean for the environment?

3 Gorges Dam model by Chiva Congelado
3 Gorges Dam model, a photo by Chiva Congelado on Flickr.

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Textbook online materials

Composite piece with a Chinese theme - derivat...Image via Wikipedia"The World and Its People" Textbook materials for Unit 8, Chapter 23 "China and Its Neighbors" <--- click here
OverviewChina is a country with many landforms and climate zones. Between the Himalaya and Kunlun Shan lies the world's largest plateau—the Plateau of Tibet. The Taklimakan and Gobi are harsh deserts. The major rivers—the Yangtze, the Yellow, and the Xi-flow through the plains and highlands of eastern China.
In 1949 China became a communist state. In recent years, government leaders have allowed some features of the free enterprise system to develop in China, which has resulted in rapid economic growth. The cities of Hong Kong and Macau are an important part of the economic changes taking place in China.
China has the world's largest population and one of the world's oldest civilizations. As their civilization developed, the Chinese tried to keep out foreign invaders. One way they did this was by building the Great Wall of China. The ancient teachings of Kongfuzi, Daoism, and Buddhism still influence the people of China today.
Taiwan is an island close to China's mainland. After their defeat by the Communists in 1949, one million Chinese refugees fled to Taiwan and established a democracy. Today Taiwan has one of the world's most prosperous economies, largely because of its high-technology industries. Landlocked Mongolia, located to the north of China, has rugged terrain and a harsh landscape. Its people are famous for their skills in raising and riding horses.

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Population Density in China

Geographic East Asia shaded in dark green, cul...

To see, click -->
East Asia Videos from Textbook Publisher, Glencoe

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Mongolian Antelope - Strange Species is Endangered One of Asia’s craziest-looking large mammals is also one of its most endangered. Scientists are trying to protect the saiga antelope in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert by using high-tech GPS (Global Positioning System) collars.

They have attached the collars to eight of the antelopes. “The GPS collars will provide information on movements of saigas across this dazzling but arid landscape,” says Wildlife Conservation Society scientist Kim Berger. Then a better plan can be made to protect the antelopes.

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Welcome to India

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ePuzzles and Games India Crossowrd Puzzle - go to the site and complete this puzzle

Photos of India

Major Religions:
red = Hinduism
brown = Islam
purple = Buddhism

A mongoose fights a cobra snake

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The topography of Afghanistan: there are Hindu...

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MapMaker - Map of Asia

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Africa and Southwest Asia Maps

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North Africa Oil and Gas Production, Distribution

Study the map above and answer these questions:
1. To what areas of the world are oil products from Southwest Asia shipped?
2. What countries supply oil products to Russia?  (You will also have to look at other maps in your Geography textbook to answer this question.)
Write your answers in Wordpad and save that file with your name as part of the name into the directory and folder M:\handin\MrNeu\.  Your file name will look like this: M:\handin\MrNeu\sandy oil and gas.rtf

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Southwest Asia Map

Map of the territory and area covered by prese...Image via Wikipedia Locate and zoom into Southwest Asia on the National Geographic Asia Map <-- click here

Locate 1. Saudi Arabia, 2. Turkey and 3. Iran on the map.  Learn these well.

Africa Map Puzzle

click here to do the Africa Puzzle

BBC News - South Africa country profile

Study the information in the BBC Country Profile. Some of it is listed below.

Politics: The ANC (African National Congress) scored its fourth election victory in April 2009.

Economy: One of continent's biggest economies. Poverty is widespread, there is a high crime rate associated with high unemployment. The economy moved into recession in May 2009.