Monday, November 15, 2010

e-Pals messages from Russia and Greece

Please send an email to these students in Russia and Greece. Write to:


and to me at:

Send copies of your maps of Hong Kong as email attachments:
1. physical (showing mountains, rivers ocean, etc,),

2. climate (weather) and

3. political (showing where people live and how many).

Also ask them: How do students spend their free time? Do they like pop music -- which groups and singers? What is students' favorite food? Do they like fashion? Any other questions about Russian life you want to ask.  Ask them to send maps of Russia Greece, and students' questions about Hong Kong back to us.


From: tatiana serova
To: peter neu
Date: 2010-Nov-12 18:20:49
Subject: Re: email pals

Dear Peter Neu,

We will be glad to answer your questions about Russsia. It would also interesting to learn about your country.

Regards Tatiana Serova
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