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Festivals in France

crêpes (French thin pancakes)
Grade 8 Geography Students: Here is a message from a teacher in France, giving us a list of festivals in his country.

Answer the following questions about Hong Kong festivals, and ask him to have his students reply with their answers.

Ask the following questions by cutting and pasting them into your messages, and then answering them:

1. Why do people celebrate the festivals in your country?

2. What holidays and festivals are important parts of your culture?

3. What special traditions and rituals surround your holidays and festivals? What do people remember / celebrate? What special things do you do? What special feelings do people have?

4. Are your festival celebrations the same as others around the world? How are they the same? How different?

5. What is a symbol? How are symbols used in in your celebrations and holidays?
Hi Peter !

Here's the list of festivals ... but I might have forgotten some!

Can you send yours ?

Here are our main French festivals, bank holidays!

Mr. Neu

  • November 11TH = end of the WW1 (celebration in Paris with the president + broadcast on tv)
  • November 1ST = la toussaint (celebration of dead people)
  • DECEMBER 25TH = XMAS DAY (presents +dinner +mass + holidays )
  • DECEMBER 31ST = le jour de l'AN ( big party with friends, we drink champagne at midnight )
  • FEBRUARY = la chandeleur ( we eat pancakes = des crêpes ) it's a religious festival but people don't even know why ! ...look on the internet (Jesus’ presentation to Jerusalem)
  • APRIL : Pâques (we offer chocolate eggs to children or they look for them in the garden)
  • MAY 1ST = labour day (a day off for everybody ) la fête du travail
  • JUNE : Feu de la saint jean (we make a big fire and gather around )
  • JULY 14TH : BIG FIREWORKS (le feu d'artifice ) everywhere in France in big towns and in some villages (to celebrate the end of royalty in France )
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